Monday, 31 May 2010

Frostylocks went to the fair...

So I've been baking for a while now, but not really sold much, so off to the fair I went, peddling my wares. The craft fair was in Catforth, near Preston, in aid of the village hall which is facing closure. So I got a stall with my friend Carrie and started selling my yummy cakes to the village folk!

My lovely stall...

My lovely cakes...

More lovely cakes...

You should all check out Carrie's blog too, she is very talented and her fascinators are beautiful!
Follow her! And me! 

For the Anime fans

I was asked by a good friend to create a 'Boota' character cake for her boyfriend's birthday. Boota is a character from the Anime 'Gurren Lagann', as you can see...

And my version here-

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Chilled-out frog

Yay! My first proper 'shaped' cake. Quite tricky, but think I pulled it off ok. Still room for improvement, but not bad at all for a first attempt!

I think he looks like Budda, sitting there quite content with himself.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Oranges for summer

I decided tonight to try piping without a tip to make a more 'creamy' look. And this happened. And I like it! Nice and summery. Makes me want orange juice...

And to make them extra orangey, little sugar orange segments.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hippo Party

I was asked to make my boyfriends grandmas 80th birthday cake. It had to feed 35 people and feature hippos somewhere along the way. So I came up with this! And it took some doing. 12 eggs and a whole lot of mixing. My arm nearly fell off, I swear. Trying to roll out enough icing to cover a 10 inch cake isn't easy either, especially if your work surfaces aren't big enough. But I love the result, ad it went down a treat!

The grass border was tricky to attach as it was very flimsy, but I prevailed! 

And the hippos, made of Mexican modelling paste, were tricky to get right. Its incredible how something so simple can cause so many problems! 

And one final picture of the cake at the party!

On to bigger and better things

So after all the cupcakes, I was wanting to move on to bigger things. A tiered cake? Why not! This is my first ever attempt at a tiered, rolled fondant cake.

(Be kind, it's my first one!)

Black forest swirls

My manager at work requested these awesome cakes. They are chocolate cake with a cherry kirsch and morello cherry jam filling, with beautiful vanilla buttercream swirl. I finished off with fresh cherries and just a sprinkling of glitter.

Grandma's birthday

My Grandma is a cool customer. So for her birthday, cake was the only option. But not cake with roses or violets or anything lavender coloured. Bright pink cupcakes! With smarties! And sprinkles!

Lots of cakes for my wonderful Grandma =]


For my friends birthday I made her a quick cake and was wondering how to decorate it. Bag of skittles next to me...what would you have done eh? Yeah...I thought so...

Fathers day FTW

Instead of socks and a comedy tie, I decided to get my dad something good. So cake it was! This turned out to be a great success. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate pieces to decorate. Yeah, he likes chocolate. Who doesn't! 

The fun continues...

Here are a few different styles I have tried. The spider-web ones are a great idea for Halloween!

I love the simple cuteness of traditional looking cupcakes. They are so versatile and best of all delicious!


Some more cupcakes now, I painted my nails for just such an occasion!

This has more frosting on it than a really frosty penguin. (The cake was really small, lots of icing...)

Again, simple but very sweet =]

Cutest eggs ever...

As I was making cakes one afternoon, I cracked my eggs and out popped this smiley chap! Smiley eggs! =]

What about some apple spice?

I thought baked toffee apple cakes would be a nice change. I <3 cinnamon! (I baked the apples with the cake, so they are all squidgy and yum).

First Fondants!

So I tried my hand at rolled fondant, it went ok! Lovely lemon cakes. Nom nom...

Toothpaste time! (plus a few more)

So the next batch I made were the infamous toothpaste cakes. I updated my tools a bit and invested in a large star tip and lovely food colour gels. These looked a LOT better than their pre-predecessors. Ta-da!

Here are some more colourful additions...

Ahhh yeah....

So it begins...

Welcome to the first post!
I think I should start at the beginning. I love cake. Like, really love it. I also love making cakes. So this blog is to showcase my not-so-perfect-but-still-pretty-damn-good cakes, and how I am progressing...

We shall start with the first batch of cakes I ever made. They were a bit wonky, but tasted great. Chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and cinnamon (not together, bleh).