Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy wonky birthday

After what seems like a life time of no posts here at Frostylocks, and a lovely new years celebration in Egypt, I am back for more cakey creations.

This cake was the first wonky design I have tried. They are very fiddly to do, and carving them is hand-shakingly difficult. But here it is!

Sorry about the picture quality! I made this cake as a present for my Grandma, and she was very pleased with it :)


  1. Your cakes just get better and better! Yes I have your blog bookmarked... for mouthwatering distractions :) Can't wait to have an suitable occasion hehe! It's Emily by the way - as in Emily and Alex :) xxx

  2. Thank you so much Gemma for my beautiful surprise birthday cake. The care, detail and presentation were excellent. I was reluctant to cut into it. The three different types of cake were each equally delicious (of course I had to have at least one piece of each!). I will certainly recommend “Frostylocks Bakery” to everyone. I hope your talent takes you far.
    Cyber Gran